When you double or triple a recipe, you may find the scaled-up recipe calls for several teaspoons of some ingredients. Instead of measuring out each teaspoon, convert to tablespoons for a quicker and more accurate measurement. Use a measuring spoon, not a silverware tablespoon, to measure ingredients; the size of silverware spoons varies slightly, so they will not give accurate measurements.

Divide the number of teaspoons by three and use fractions if the answer is not a whole number. This formula converts teaspoons to tablespoons. For example, 7 tsp./3 = 2 1/3 tbsp.

Convert any fractions in the result back to teaspoons. One tsp. equals 1/3 tbsp., and 2/3 tbsp. is 2 tsp.

Measure out the correct number of tablespoons and teaspoons and add to the recipe. If you need 2 1/3 tbsp., for example, measure 2 tbsp. and 1 tsp.


  • Multiply by three to convert tablespoons to teaspoons.

  • Level dry ingredients with the back of a butter knife to get a more accurate measurement.