They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true, make your eyes really stand out by sporting perfectly contoured brows. A clean, contoured brow can make a world of difference in your overall beauty look. Filling in and contouring your brows isn’t a task just left to the professionals. Contouring your own brows takes only a couple of minutes and is simple to do yourself, once you learn how.

Things You'll Need

Pick the correct pencil shade to work with. If you have light eyebrows, use a pencil that’s two shades darker than your hair. Ladies with dark hair should choose a pencil one shade lighter than their brow color. This will keep your look natural.

Starting at the bottom of the brow and using short, feathered strokes, apply your pencil, working your way from the inside to the outside of the bottom or your brow, following its natural shape. Feathered strokes mimic the actual appearance of your brows, whereas, one straight line will leave you looking overly made up.

Fill in any sparse areas of the brows using the same short, feathered stroke.

Comb the brows upward using a brow shaping brush. Brush upward and out for the best results.

Apply a clear brow gel, using the same strokes as you did with your brush. This will keep your hairs in place all day.

Using a small makeup brush, apply concealer directly under your brow to highlight your face.