Under eye circles, puffiness and fine lines are common beauty dilemmas. They create a tired look, whether the result of everyday life or environmental stress. By taking just a couple of minutes to conceal under eye imperfections, the whole face becomes much brighter and appears lifted. It is unnecessary to resort to a heavy foundation in order to cover such a small area. Under eye imperfections can be concealed with the help of some lighter beauty tools.

Things You'll Need

Apply an oil-free under eye cream to soothe the area and remove puffiness. Gently pat the cream just under the lower lash line until it absorbs into the skin.

Place three dots of concealer under each eye. Apply one dot just under the inner corner, one directly under the middle of the eye, and another under the outer corner.

Use your finger to gently blend the concealer into the skin. Work in a circular motion, and blend upwards towards the eye.

Gently dust one layer of a translucent setting powder under each eye using a setting brush to keep makeup in place

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