African-American hair is very versatile. Some African-American women wear their hair in its natural state without chemicals, while others opt to use relaxers for straight strands or texturizers to achieve a curl-defining result. The twist out method is an easy way to gain a loose, curl-like pattern without heat and can be styled with natural or chemically treated hair. The twist out can be worn in various styles, pinned up or hung loose.

Things You'll Need

Twist In, Twist Out

Clean your hair with your desired shampoo and conditioner. The twist out style will last longer and look neater with a fresh scalp and hair.

Apply your chosen moisturizer to leave your hair soft and manageable. You can also straighten or blow out your hair to achieve a longer length and for easier handling if you have tightly coarse hair.

Divide the hair into four or six sections and pin them up individually. Parting your hair into sections prevents it from tangling up and allows you to work on a small amount of hair at a time.

Decide what size your want your twists to be. Bigger twists will yield a chunkier or thicker twist out while smaller twists will yield a tighter, spring-like twist out.

Divide a portion of hair from your first section into two strands. You may apply additional moisturizer or leave in conditioner onto these strands before twisting and after making sure that the ends are locked in place.

Overlap the right strand over the left one until you reach the ends and have a complete twist. Repeat the individual twisting for each section of hair.

Wrap your hair in a silk scarf and sleep with it on overnight to allow the twists to set.

Unwrap your hair in the morning and gently unravel each twist. Pull the hair apart from the individual twists for more volume, if desired, and style hair to your liking.


  • Use a heat-protecting product if you decide to straighten or blow out your hair to reduce heat damage.

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