We all have spirit guides–nonphysical souls who support our growth, help us to complete our life tasks and provide the spiritual assistance we need. A spirit guide, however, will only come forth if invited. Although most of us have a main guide, others come and go depending upon our life purpose and our current circumstances. The reality of spirit entities guiding us through our lives has been a part of every major religion in the world. Embarking on a journey of communication with your spirit guides is an exciting prospect. All that is needed is an open mind and willingness to let go of any preconceived notions of what the experience will be like. As with all individuals, each and every spirit being is unique. An understanding that each and every person’s communication with their guide will be unique is key to your successful contact and your developing spirit relationship.

Things You'll Need

Communicating With Your Spirit Guide

Invite your spirit guide to come forward.

Continue to send out the thought that you are inviting your spirit guide into your life.

Close your eyes and relax by taking deep breaths.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden.

Make this garden as detailed and real in your mind’s eye as possible.

Notice the colors, fragrances, sounds and sensations you experience in your garden.

Picture yourself sitting on a stone bench in this garden.

Let the stone bench beneath you makes you feel secure and connected to the earth.

See a path leading down from a distant mountain to your garden.

Visualize this path being made of any stones or colors you like.

While sitting on your stone chair, notice a small golden light coming toward you.

Notice the light transform into a large clear and bright light as it hovers on the edge of your garden.

Invite it to enter your garden.

Watch the light transform into your spirit guide.

Take time to look at your guide and believe that this is your guide! Don’t question youself.

Pay attention to the sensations you feel as you gaze upon your guide. Ask yourself questions. For example–Is your guide male or female? What is your guide wearing? What color is the hair of your guide? Trust your impressions.

Begin to ask your guide questions. Some examples–What is it’s name? What is it’s purpose? Why is it around you? How can you recognize it’s presence on a conscious level more easily?

Let yourself absorb the information the guide is giving you. Don’t force answers. Don’t worry if you think you are imagining the contact. Remember to trust your impressions and KNOW that you are communicating with your guide.

Bring the conversation with your guide to a close.

Thank your guide for coming to you.

Watch as your guide transforms back into a beautiful and soothing light. Watch this light drift away from you down your garden path.

Ground yourself by imagining roots growing from the bottom of your feet deep into the earth’s core.

Write down your impressions and experiences in a journal.


  • You can ask your guide for help in all matters.

  • Ask your guide to present dreams to you to help you find answers to your problems.

  • Ask your guide to give you signs that it’s heard your requests.

  • Remember to keep your requests reasonable. The purpose of your guide is to help you fulfill your life’s purpose, not to help you win a million dollars.