Fringe bangs that brush your eyelashes are at the height of hair fashion, which means sometimes you need a cute way to keep them out of your face. Use basic bobby pins, a couple of pretty hairpins or a single bedazzled clip to pin your fringe bangs into a sassy side-sweep or up-and-back into an edgy, semi-pompadour style.

Things You'll Need

Twisted Side-Sweep Style

Use an edge of the comb to create a side part. The part should start directly above the outer-edge of either eyebrow. If you have a better profile side or feel more comfortable with your part going a specific direction, choose the eye on that side to direct your part, and using the comb, sweep your bangs toward the opposite temple.

Gather your bangs by their ends between your index finger and thumb at your temple. For an easy side-sweep, secure your bangs with a bobby pin at the temple. For a twisted side-sweep, continue on to the next step.

Twist your bangs around your fingers in a spiral motion. If your hair is very fine or very straight, try spritzing them with a bit of water to give them texture and help you grip and twist.

Once your bangs are twisted into a spiral, secure the end of the roll with a bobby pin on the side of your head, either at the temple or above the ear, depending on length. Instead of sliding the bobby pin directly, lock the hair in place by sliding the bobby pin in halfway, then lift, flip and slide the bobby pin in the rest of the way.

Pinned Semi-Pompadour Bangs

Start with wet bangs. Use fingertips to lift the roots while drying with a blow dryer. Lift and dry in separate sections with firm tension to create volume. Use a round brush to accentuate big movement, or a flat brush for a sleeker blow out that lays more flat on your head.

Use a fine tooth comb to create a triangular section out of your bangs. Start with the front hairline — temple to temple — and create lines that converge at the crown of the head.

Twist the top section once around your finger and secure at the crown of your head with two bobby pins that are inserted in opposite directions of one another so that they criss-cross. Insert a few fingers at the hairline and give the bangs a gentle tug to create a bigger bump in your semi-pompadour. Add a bow-clip over the bobby pins for a romantic 1960s-inspired look or an ornate hair clip for a festive style.