If you don’t want to wash your hair every day but still want to cleanse your scalp, you don’t have to live with a dingy and dirty head. Whether you want to remove sweat after a long workout or spruce up your scalp in between visits to the hair salon, you can pamper your tresses with a quick cleansing. With a few expert tips, you can extend the life of your hairstyle without letting one drop of water touch your head.

Things You'll Need

Cornstarch Cleanse

Pour a 1/2 cup of cornstarch into a small bowl.

Separate your hair into four sections. Keep hair divided with plastic butterfly clips.

Dip your fingertips into the cornstarch. Apply the powdery substance to the roots of your hair. Repeat until all four sections of your scalp are covered in cornstarch. Rub the cornstarch into the scalp with your fingers. Let the cornstarch remain on the scalp for a minimum of five minutes.

Brush hair with a large paddle brush to remove the cornstarch. Blow-dry hair on a medium setting to remove any traces of cornstarch from your scalp. Style your hair.

Witch Hazel Cleanse

Divide hair into four separate sections. Keep sections divided with butterfly clips.

Soak a cotton ball with witch hazel. Squeeze the witch-hazel-soaked cotton ball over a bathroom sink or basin to distribute the solution evenly.

Dot the witch hazel into your scalp. Use a new cotton ball soaked with the solution for each section of hair. Once your scalp is dry, brush and comb your hair into your normal hairstyle.


  • To limit applying too much cornstarch on your hair, sprinkle the product lightly on your paddle brush to give your scalp a light cleansing.

  • Wash your paddle brush in warm water and liquid soap after each cornstarch cleanse.