Unlike sweet peas, sugar snap peas are flat in their pods and can be eaten whole. Growing your own sugar snap peas ensures that you and your family eat natural, organic vegetables with your meals. You’ll need to ensure that the peas are free of soil and debris before eating. Knowing how to clean sugar snap peas gives you the ability to serve safely prepared organic vegetables with your next family meal or snack.

Things You'll Need

Place the raw sugar snap peas into a mesh strainer.

Put the mesh strainer in the sink and turn on the cold water. Let the water run through the strainer containing the peas.

Brush the outside of each pea pod gently using a soft-bristle brush. Continue to run the water through the peas as you do so.

Spray the outsides of the peas lightly with an organic vegetable cleanser. Vegetable cleanser sprays can be found in grocery stores and online.

Rinse away the cleanser and allow the peas to drip dry in the strainer as it sits in your sink.