Oakley, Inc. specializes in making sunglasses and was founded in 1975 by James Jannard, who named the company after his dog. Oakley sunglasses are unique in their quality. They are designed to offer protection to the eye as well as provide clarity. Owners of Oakley sunglasses are given a Microclear bag to store and clean their sunglasses. Cleaning instructions are simple to follow at home.

Things You'll Need

Add a drop of mild dish soap to a small bowl and fill it with warm water.

Dip a cotton cloth in the soapy water and use it to wipe down the Oakley sunglasses. Get both sides of the lenses, the frames and the temples. Wipe down the nose pads, which often collect dirt.

Rinse the sunglasses with clean water.

Blot the sunglasses dry with the Microclear bag.


  • Oakley makes a lens cleaning kit that you can use (see resources).