The Corral Boot Company is a manufacturer based in McAllen, Texas. They make Western-style boots for both men and women at their plant in Leon, Mexico. The company offers a full line of leather cowhide boots as well as styles made from exotic skins such as goat, stingray, ostrich or python. Cleaning Corral leather boots requires saddle soaps or creams, plus a common household product for tougher stains.

Things You'll Need

Wipe away any dust or grime from the boots with a clean cloth.

Use a sponge dampened with water to wipe away any accumulated mud or other caked-on dirt. Wipe the boots completely dry with the towel.

Apply a saddle soap or leather cream specifically formulated for leather boots, using a clean cloth. Apply a light coat over the entire surface of the boots. Concentrate more of the cleaner on any areas where there are deeper stains.

Allow the soap to rest on the boots for about 10 minutes, then rinse with a clean, damp sponge. Towel dry the boots again.

Soak any stubborn stains with water dabbed onto the area. Apply a small amount of cornstarch directly atop the stain. Let the cornstarch stay on the stain overnight. Wipe the cornstarch from the boots with a towel, then repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Apply boot polish on all surface areas, and buff with a soft cloth.