Mahi mahi, also known as a “Dorado” or the “Dolphin fish,” is a delicious fish typically found in the waters of Hawaii and the Florida coastline. Mahi mahi is frequently used in cooking and its flesh has a moist, sweet flavor. You can purchase mahi mahi in fillet or steak form. However, a whole fish makes an excellent spectacle at a dinner party or special event. You first must clean the mahi mahi properly before preparing it, though.

Things You'll Need

Remove any seaweed fragments or loose scales from the fish.

Skin the mahi mahi. Using a sharp knife, remove the scaly skin of your fish. Start from the tail end of the fish, make a shallow cut so that you are only cutting through skin and not flesh. Cut along the fish for approximately an inch, then tear the remaining skin using your hands.

Rinse the fish. Hold the mahi mahi under a cold tap and dry off the residual water with paper towels. This is to remove any slimy oil from the fish skin and to wash off pollutants from the sea.