How to Clean Hair Brush Bristles

By Penelope Lane

Styling hair with a clean-bristled brush will help keep your locks soft, clean, manageable and static-free. Hairbrush bristles become dirty with hair oils, dirt, hair strands and styling products. Cleaning the bristles on your hairbrush is an easy task that only takes a few minutes.

Clean Hair Brush Bristles

Step 1

Examine the bristles on the hairbrush. Take note of the material, whether it's plastic, natural boar hair or metal, and clean each appropriately. Examine the brush itself. Brushes made from wood should not be submerged in soapy water, but a plastic hairbrush can soak in cleansing solutions for long periods of time.

Step 2

Pull off hair strands stuck in the bristles. Be gentle, to avoid damaging your hairbrush. Utilize a comb or hairpin to remove hairs, if needed.

Step 3

Mix together a cleansing agent for the bristles. In the sink or a bucket, pour warm water and a few drops of clarifying shampoo. Swirl the solution until sudsy.

Step 4

Dip the hairbrush into the cleaning solution, bristles facing down. Allow the bristles to fully moisten. Swish the hairbrush in the water several times, and scrub the bristles with your fingertips (or an old toothbrush) with the shampoo suds. Gently wipe off the brush itself with a moist rag, if desired.

Step 5

Repeat the process, if necessary. Hairbrush bristles made of plastic will clean easily, while natural-haired bristles (such as boar) may require multiple cleanings. Drain the water and mix together a fresh cleaning solution each time.

Step 6

Allow the hairbrush bristles to dry before using. Shake excess moisture off the bristles. Use a soft rag to hand-dry the brush, or allow it to air-dry on the counter, bristles facing up.