When your favorite comb has an excess of dirty hair and product buildup in between its teeth, it’s time for a gentle cleaning. In fact, barbers and hairstylists clean their hairdressing and styling tools after every salon service to prevent the possible transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses between their clients. With a few common household products, you can disinfect your own comb and have a germ-free styling tool in 20 minutes or less.

Things You'll Need

Fill a medium-sized basin with 3 to 4 cups of warm water and a teaspoon of mild dish-washing liquid. Swirl the water gently with your hand to create a soapy mixture.

Remove any strands of hair from the comb, then place it in the sudsy water. Let the comb remain in the water for five minutes. Using a paper towel, clean the comb to remove dirt and grime stuck in between the teeth. If you cannot clean between the teeth of the comb with a paper towel, use a nail brush or old toothbrush to release any hard-to-remove dirt.

Rinse the comb in a stream of warm water. Shake the water from the comb and lay it on a clean paper towel.

Fill a medium-sized plastic bowl with 3- or 6-percent hydrogen peroxide. Immerse your comb into the hydrogen peroxide, ensuring the comb is covered completely. Let the comb soak for 10 minutes.

Rinse the comb under a stream of warm water to remove any peroxide residue. Dry the comb completely with a clean paper towel before using.


  • To prevent a buildup of dirty hair and product accumulation, clean your dirty combs every two to three weeks with soap and water followed by a 10-minute hydrogen peroxide bath.

  • If your plastic, metal or rubber comb is really filthy, add a teaspoon of household ammonia to the dish detergent and water mixture.