Cleaning and properly maintaining barber clippers is essential to their functionality and life span. Clippers should be cleaned of all hair particles, chemically disinfected, and the blades oiled after every use. This will help ensure that the blades stay sharp, do not get rusty, and cut safely and efficiently.

Things You'll Need

Purchase the necessary cleaning items. You can find these items at your local beauty supply store.

Brush out built up hair and debris from the blades of the clippers using the small brush. Get them as clean as you can by attacking all the nooks and crannies of the blades.

Pour blade wash into a receptacle, like a bowl. Dispense enough so that the fluid is about a quarter of an inch deep.

Plug in the clippers.

Place only the blades of the clippers into the blade wash.

Turn on the clippers and hold them in the wash for two to three minutes. The wash, along with the routine motion of the clippers, will loosen debris in the blades and release them into the wash.

Turn off clippers and remove from the wash.

Dry the blades gently with a small towel or clean rag.

Spray disinfectant on body of clippers and wipe clean with small towel or clean rag.

Oil the blades conservatively. You should not use an excessive amount of oil. Just a few drops will do.

Place blade cover over clipper blades and put the clippers back into their storage receptacle.