How to Clean an Eyeliner Sharpener

By Kimberly Caines

Lining your eyes requires an eyeliner pencil with a sharp point. If you don't regularly clean your eyeliner pencil sharpener, the residue buildup that occurs can make sharpening your pencils challenging. If you sharpen different colored pencils, dark-colored pencil residue can end up on the light-colored pencils and vice versa. To remove dirt, debris, bacteria and old eyeliner, take a few minutes to clean your pencil sharpener before each use.

With a sharp eyeliner you can create a clean line along your eyelids.

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Step 1

Open up your pencil sharpener if it has a compartment that catches the pencil residue. Empty the pencil shavings in the trash.

Step 2

Remove any pencil residue from the sharpener. Lightly tap the sharpener on a hard surface with the opening face down. Use a toothpick along the outside of the sharpener blade to remove any pencil residue that won't come out.

Step 3

Insert a cotton swab in the opening of the pencil sharpener, and slide it along the edges. This removes any color smudged on the inside of the sharpener. Use a fresh swab, and continue wiping the inside until the cotton swab comes clean.

Step 4

Apply rubbing alcohol to a makeup remover pad; wipe it over the surface of the sharpener and the pencil shavings compartment. Dip a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol, and clean the inside of the pencil sharpener. As an alternative, dip a toothbrush into rubbing alcohol, and brush the pencil sharpener with it.

Step 5

Use paper towels to dry the pencil sharpener, or set it aside so it can air-dry.