Straw bags are the perfect accessories for carrying possessions to the beach, a picnic, a dance or a cookout. Because they’re fragile, you can’t just toss them in the washing machine they way you might with a cotton, linen or canvas bag. Cleaning a straw purse is easy and just requires that you treat it delicately and with common sense.

Things You'll Need

Place a stocking or one leg of a set of pantyhose over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner to keep coins, gum or other items in the purse from clogging the appliance. Knot the fabric taut over the nozzle, or hold it in place with a rubber band or your hand.

Turn your vacuum cleaner on to medium speed. Vacuum out any crumbs, lint or other items from the inside of your straw purse.

Gently run the vacuum cleaner lightly along the surface area of the exterior of the purse.

Pour warm water into a small bowl. Add a quarter-sized amount of a mild cleanser or detergent. Swish the two ingredients together with your toothbrush.

Tap excess water off your toothbrush. Gently rub your toothbrush against the exterior of your straw purse. Continue until you have very lightly scrubbed all the straw.

Wipe a damp cloth all over the straw purse to remove the soap residue. Repeat with a fresh rag, if necessary. Air-dry, out of direct sunlight.


  • To keep your straw bags in pristine condition during the winter months, stuff them with old t-shirts or tissue paper and store them in cotton or muslin dust cover bags.