With hundreds of colors to choose from, finding the perfect shade can feel like a quest for the holy grail. Discover something that works for you by looking to your skin tone — olive skin works with many colors, including plum, orange and pink. Black women look stunning in deep reds, and fair complexions should try pink lipstick with blue undertones, though bright red also looks lovely.

Hair Color and Time

Choose a lipstick by taking your hair color into account. Lipstick with a violet undertone suits auburn locks, says colorist Ludovic Audesson in an interview with “Today,” while blondes should choose something with a pink undertone. Brown hair offers more flexibility and works with violet, red and orange undertones. Choose a lipstick colors according to the time of day. “From 9 to 5, warm and creamy shades…look best, especially under harsh office lights,” advises “InStyle.” Come nightfall, experiment with vivid colors, like ravishing reds and deep berries.