There are many beautiful ladies that have round faces, (faces that are as long as they are wide). Famous ladies with round faces include Kelly Osborne, Drew Barrymore, Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Lisa Rinna, Christina Ricci and Catherine Zeta Jones etc..

Hairstyles can be tricky to find that, suit this shape, in this day of sleek, long, hair. Lovely locked looks are easily attained with a good hairdresser and a plan and are a thing of beauty, using these quick tips!

Things You'll Need

Measure your face, to make sure that it’s round. It should be almost exactly the same width, at the cheekbones and widest part of the forehead, as it is long.

Decide on a length that you’re willing to try, be daring a break out of the norm… often a shorter style will be more flattering to round faces and will help make the hair appear fuller and curlier.

Round faces should have the hair either above the ears and on the crown of the head or below the chin, so that either style is adding length, (be it to the chin or the top of the head).

Keep the bangs layered or swept to the side, heavy straight bangs can shorten the face. Having a little hair on either side of the face, either swept in toward the cheeks or hanging down in a longer style, will appear to take width off of the face and will make the face look more slender. Keep these tips in mind when choosing a style.

Do a google search for “hairstyles for round faces”, and the length that you chose, on google and click under “images”. Scroll through until you have found and printed about 4 hairstyles that you like, (verify, once you’re at the image’s website, that the style IS for round faces).

Think about color. Is it time to bring a little more color into your palette? Sometimes a little color shift can help to really make a style stand out. Many people dye their hair darker in the fall and winter and lighten it up, with streaks or chunks of highlights, in the spring and summer.

Pay attention to your skin tone. If you have ruddy or RED / BLUE based skin, yellow or orange based warm colors will flatter you. If you have and OLIVE skin tone, however, blue or cool toned hair colors will make you look gorgeous! Some people suggest the opposite but, when you think about the natural tones of hair and skin combinations this is usually how it goes. THE COLOR HAIRSTYLE EXAMPLES ARE NOT SPECIFICALLY FOR ROUND FACES, though, I just chose them for their colors.

Bring your hair color examples and hairstyle examples to a good hair designer / shop and work with them to get the right design, (thick, coarse or curly hair will effect what haircuts / styles you can do so keep an open mind). Pay close attention to how they style your hair and ask questions, if you’re new to this design and/or the products they may need to use. Ask them what moisturizer to use on your hair, properly, to keep it healthy and shiny, (especially if it’s been dyed or permed).

RELAX and enjoy the pampering, winter’s coming! See if the hairdresser does any spa treatments for dry skin, or body teatments and make a day of it!

With a flat iron there are a LOT of possibilities for people with wavy or curly hair that seemed unthinkable before!


  • If you’re really nervous about color and style changes, try on some wigs at a wig shop that are similar to what you’d like as a “test run”.

  • Make sure that you use a hairdresser that is patient and will do a good job of explaining the process to you. Don’t forget to tip them a little more, for their time!