Essential oils have long been used to aid the body in healing and bringing about an easing of ailments. Some oils are so strong, however, that they can’t be used at full strength because of irritation or burning that they can cause on the skin. They are diluted into a carrier oil that makes it more useful and non-toxic or non-irritating.

Determine the use for which you need a carrier oil. Decide if you are making a massage oil, bath oil, cosmetic or perfume. There are many applications of essential oils and each has a different requirement for the characteristics of the carrier that you use.

Choose a medium to thick carrier oil for cosmetics and salves. You will also want an oil that doesn’t cause skin irritation. Calendula oil is a wonderful carrier for cosmetics and salves, to heal dry, chapped and cracked skin.

Select a lighter, rich carrier for a soothing massage oil. There are a number of oils that will work well for massage but again you must know what type of massage you are going to be performing. Heavy deep massage will work very well with almond oil. It lends its own mild aroma to the scent of the other essential oils that are added to the base. For very light massage, hazelnut oil is a terrific carrier.

Make your own personal perfume by using grape seed oil. This carrier is very lightweight and odorless so that the scent of your essential oil blend will be the only scent that you will smell.


  • Some properties of carrier oils include making soaps lather more, moisturizing the skin, and penetrating the skin to help ease and relax sore and stiff muscles.

  • Coconut oil is a wonderful carrier if your essential oils and aroma can blend well with the mild scent. This oil penetrates the skin to the greatest depth known and helps soothe and heal various skin problems.