It takes enough guts to walk down the beach in a swimsuit. Never mind if you’re self conscious about your butt. Lucky for you, bathing suits have evolved and are now made to emphasize and flatter certain body types. Whether your butt’s too big or too flat, there are swim suits that will camouflage it.

Think solid colors, at least on the bottom. Avoid patterns because they’ll just make your butt look bigger.

Swear off horizontal stripes like the plague. They make everyone look wider.

Opt for dark colors on the bottom with a pattern on top if you’re shaped like a pear. A bight halter top paired with dark bottoms will draw the eye up and away from the problem area.

Flatter your butt with boy shorts. It’s a pretty versatile style because they provide flattering coverage of your hips and bottom.

Choose a bottom with a lower rise but high cut legs. This will flatter your body by elongating your legs and emphasizing your skinny middle.

Go to a store that carries customized suits. They’re not made for you specifically, but they are made for certain body types. Read the tag to find out what type of body the suit flatters.


  • If you’re problem isn’t a big butt, but a flat one, try a bathing suit bottom with ruffles. This will add more shape back there. Stay away from clingy cuts.

  • Buy separates so you can mix and match sizes. You don’t want to end up with a saggy looking butt.