Blush is one of the harder cosmetics to choose. While certain blush colors look great on one person, the same color can look completely different on another person. Blush is designed to give the skin a healthy glow. When you use a blush that doesn’t work with your skin tone, it can make you look garish or poorly made-up. People with an olive complexion have green undertones in their skin. While an olive complexion tans well in the summer, it also pales in the winter due to lack of sun. When you choose blush for a medium olive skin tone, you must choose blush for each season.

Determine if your olive skin has cool or warm undertones. Lift up your arm and look at the veins. Bluish-looking veins indicate cooler tones while greenish-looking veins indicate warmer tones.Typically, cooler undertones looks better in colors such as light green or blue, while warmer undertones looks better in colors such as deep greens and reds.

Choose the base of your blush. Medium olive skin with cooler undertones need a blush that is pink-based. Medium olive skin with warmer undertones need a blush that has a yellow base.

Enhance your natural glow during warmer months. When warmer months arrive, and you get more sun exposure, your skin color deepens. You want blush that enhances and highlights the natural color of your skin. During these months, use colors such as light pinks for cooler undertones and coral for warmer undertones.

Add more color to your face during cooler months. Once cooler months come around, your skin pales. When olive complexions pale, green undertones surface and often give your skin a slight green tint. Before you choose blush, you must get your skin color back to a healthy glow with foundation. Use foundation that blends in well with your natural color but enhances the deeper tones of your skin.

Use blush that adds a little more color to your face. Choose blush colors such as coral, red and hot pink if you have warm undertones in your skin. For cooler undertones, use peach, rose and crimson color.


  • Less is more with blush. You want blush to enhance your natural beauty and not overwhelm it. Use a little blush at a time and blend well.

  • Try different blush colors until you find one that you feel comfortable with and that works well with your skin tone.