Nothing can make a woman feel quite as beautiful as a killer blow-out. Although a beautifully styled mane can be hard work, it really doesn’t have to be when you use the right blow dryer. Depending on your locks, you’ll want to look to wattage first when choosing a blow dryer. And although there are many extra features to be found in blow dryers, go for the ones that matter to your hair type and styling goals.


When choosing the right blow dryer for your hair, start with wattage. Wattage simply refers to the blow dryer’s gusto — in other words, its heat and air flow. The higher the wattage, the hotter and faster the airflow will be. Users with normal hair types should opt for blow dryers with wattage between 1600 and 1800. Those with fine hair can safely choose a blow dryer with lesser wattage, such as a 1300-watt dryer; those with normal hair can also use a lower-watt dryer for a more gentle drying process. Those with thicker hair, which requires more time to dry, can opt for the more powerful 2,000-watt blow dryers to speed drying time.

Features and Benefits

If you simply desire a fast, efficient blow-out, use a blow dryer with ionic technology, which can speed drying time by 70 percent as negative ions quickly break down the water molecule. Ceramic hair dryers, which use infrared heat technology to dry hair gently, are good choices for women concerned about preventing damage. For those who desire shine on top of a quick dry, use a blow dryer with tourmaline, a type of gemstone that can dry hair faster while adding shine. A “cool-shot” button finishes the look with a blast of cool air that sets the style with shine. Opt for blow-dryer attachments such as a diffuser to de-frizz curly hair or a concentrated air nozzle for smoothing straight locks. Make sure the blow dryer feels lightweight and comfortable while offering an easy-to-use grip to ensure styling is easy and stress-free.