Champagne is the standard for toasting and celebrating. Dom Perignon champagne was created by a monk of the same name centuries ago. Dom Perignon labored for years to remove the bubbles from his champagne with no success. Eventually he accepted the bubbles and went on to find ways to increase them in the champagne. Chill Dom Perignon champagne carefully before you serve it.

Things You'll Need

Fill the ice bucket approximately half-full of ice cubes and add water to the level of the ice.

Insert the Dom Perignon champagne bottle into the ice bucket and push it down as far as possible. You may need to pour out some water to push the champagne bottle all the way into the bucket.

Leave the Dom Perignon bottle in the ice bucket to chill for 30 to 40 minutes. Do not allow the champagne to freeze.

Remove the Dom Perignon from the ice bucket and open it to serve. Place the opened champagne bottle back into the ice bucket to keep it cold while people are drinking it.

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