The character of Blair Waldorf on the “Gossip Girl” television series favors polished make-up that appears sexy yet understated. Brown eyeshadow on the eyes and eyelashes fully combed with mascara keep her looking innocent yet polished. To channel Blair Waldorf correctly you’ll need to stick to neutral colors and keep them soft. Wear the hair up in a ponytail or down and pulled back from the face with a headband to complement this make-up. Blair Waldorf wears chic clothing, so looking for similar outfits when you shop will help you channel her better.

Things You'll Need

Apply foundation to your face using your hands. Your hands warm the product to allow for smooth application. Make sure to blend the foundation well into the hairline and under the chin.

Apply a nude cream eyeshadow to your entire eyelid only. Use your fingers to apply, and try not to let the color end up in the crease.

Pat a taupe eyeshadow onto the outer area of the crease of the eye using a blending brush. Softly pull the color inward toward the inner crease area with the brush. Doing this will soften the color.

Apply a highlight power to the upper brow bone with a highlighting brush.

Line the upper lash line only with a black eyeliner.

Apply black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes. Wiggle the wand as you comb through the lashes to prevent clumping and maximize the length of your eyelashes.

Finish the look by smoothing a pink lip gloss on the lips.

References and Resources

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