How to Change Clothing Styles. How you dress is a major part of your identity. Other people judge you based on whether you wear denim or tweed, cowboy boots or ballet flats. Giving yourself a brand new look can elicit as much surprise as breast implants or going from redhead to brunette. And you’ll have to get used to your new persona, too. Here’s how to adopt a new clothing style.

Commit to making a big change. Go through your current wardrobe and decide why it’s not working for you–but also see what elements of your style you’ll want to keep after your fashion makeover. Matronly floral prints might not be part of the new you, but femininity can still play a big role.

Ask an honest, trustworthy, fashion-savvy friend to help you purge your closet and shop for new threads. The two of you can watch TV shows like “What Not to Wear” on TLC and “How Do I Look?” on the Style Network for ideas on how to find a new clothing style. If none of your friends know much about fashion, consider hiring a personal shopper to help instead.

Shop for both separates you can wear with anything and ensembles. Buying a carefully put together outfit is a good way to teach yourself what elements work well together.

Notice trends in which items of clothing you gravitate towards. This is a good way to develop your fashion identity.

Consider updating your hairdo and makeup also for a completely revamped look. You don’t need to do anything drastic, but a hip, trendy outfit doesn’t go well with lipstick colors that haven’t been in style since the 1980s.

Throw yourself a little reception to introduce the new you to friends and family who will be surprised by your changed look. Ask your shopping buddy to help coordinate the reveal party.