Body jewelry, such as belly button rings, can be changed to coordinate with an outfit or just for fun. Since there are a variety of barbells, loops and dangling varieties, getting comfortable with changing your belly button ring will allow you to show off your piercing. Read on to learn how to change belly button rings.

Changing a belly button ring for the first time can be a little difficult. Since it can take three to 12 months for a belly button, or navel, piercing to heal, it will be awhile before you may change your piercing safely. After your belly button piercing has throughly healed, you may begin to think about changing your belly button ring.

While your piercing is healing, you can shop for belly button rings. There are several to choose from including rings, barbells, dangling jewelry and even plastic place holders for pregnant bellies, or for those who need to get an abdominal B-ray. Be sure to know the gauge, or thickness, of your original jewelry, so you can purchase the correct size of new jewelry.

When your piercing begins to spin freely, has no healing crust around the piercing site and is free of any infection or swollen tissue, you are ready to change your belly button ring.

Clean the belly button area before changing the piercing for the first time. You don't want to accidentally introduce bacteria into the newly healed piercing site. During a shower, wash the area with soap and water. Carefully rotate the piercing so the entire piece of jewelry can be washed. Allow water and soap to flow into the belly button, and rinse thoroughly.

After your shower, lay down so you can get clear access to your belly button. Have your new piece of jewelry ready. Be sure the new piece of jewelry has been sanitized, or clean it gently by soaking it in rubbing alcohol.

Carefully begin removing your old belly button ring by unscrewing the ball that is holding it in place. Set the ball to the side, and take out the piercing. Put it to the side to be cleaned. Carefully apply a small dab of antibiotic ointment to your belly button piercing site. This will help prevent any infection when inserting a new piece of jewelry.

Thread the new piece of jewelry through your belly button and secure with the ball or end pieces. Some jewelry doesn't require a closure piece, such as u-shaped jewelry. After you have changed your belly button ring, keep an eye on he piercing site for signs of irritation or infection. If the area gets hot or itchy, apply some antibiotic ointment. If it does no t heal in a day or two, see your doctor to treat the infection.