You may not think about your cuticles much, but there are some great reasons to groom them regularly. Dry cuticles are the main cause of hangnails, and overlong cuticles can stunt nail growth. Learn to properly care for your cuticles, and you can get polished-looking, healthy hands.

Things You'll Need

Moisturize your cuticles by applying a hand cream, lotion or oil and rubbing it into the cuticle. The delicate skin on your hands needs moisturizing daily. Keep a hand moisturizer with you to use several times daily.

Purchase a good cuticle remover (to soften, but not actually remove the cuticles). Apply the cuticle remover and allow the cuticles to soften. Using a cuticle stick (also called an orange stick), gently push back the cuticles, being careful not to damage them.

Remove dead or flaking cuticle skin by moving the orange stick in tiny circles around the base of the nail. Remove the whitish residue from the nail as well. Repeat this process on each nail several times.

Use a sharp cuticle clipper to trim any remaining hangnails. Make sure that this tool cuts cleanly.

Wipe the nail clean with a cotton ball and moisturize again.