Canned blackberries can be used in recipes, such as pies, cobblers, muffins and cakes. They can even be served, simply, with ice cream or whipped cream. If you are picking your own blackberries, for canning, be sure to wait until they are plump and ripe. The berries will not ripen further once they are taken from the vine. However, don’t use any berries that are overly ripe or decaying. These will ruin the entire jar of canned blackberries. Use these same guidelines when purchasing berries, also.

Things You'll Need

Sanitize the canning jars and lids by running them through the dishwasher. You can also boil them in a canning pot for approximately 10 minutes. Keep the jars and lids warm on the warm-dry setting in the dishwasher or keep them in warm water.

Rinse off the blackberries just before you are ready to can them. Place the berries into a colander or large strainer. Take a second look at them to make sure there are no spoiled or overly ripe berries. Rinse the berries under cold water.

Make a syrup for preservation of the color and shape of the berries, as well as to sweeten them. Place a pot on the stove’s medium-high heat. Add 7 cups water and 3 cups sugar to the saucepan. This is enough syrup for 4-quart jars. Heat the syrup just until the first bubbles from boiling appear. Remove the pot from the heat.

Put 2 tbsp. lemon juice into each sanitized jar, as a preservative. Pour rinsed blackberries into each jar, leaving an inch clear at the top. Pour the syrup over the blackberries, leaving 1/4 inch clear at the top of the jar.

Place a lid on each canning jar. Screw on the jar rings over the lids. Place the jars into the water bath canning pot. Pour 2 inches of water into the canning pot and bring it to a boil on a medium high heat.

Place the filled jars into the water bath canning pot. Make sure that the water continues to boil and that the water remains no lower than two inches from the bottom of the jars. Add more boiling water if it is needed. Allow the water to boil for 20 minutes.

Remove the jars from the canning pot with canning tongs. Place the jars in a location without drafts, making sure the jars aren’t touching each other. Leave them overnight.

Press on the lid of each jar. It should not pop up and down. If it does, the lid did not seal and the berries should not be eaten. The lids should have no movement if they sealed properly.