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As women age, the delicate skin around their eyes starts to droop. This will exaggerate any existing eye problems, such as under-eye circles or bags under the eyes. Part of any cleansing and makeup routine for women typically includes several steps to eliminating under-eye circles and bags. Mature women should use a wrinkle-fighting eye cream as well to counteract and disguise under-eye bags. Use a combination of creams and makeup to make eye bags nearly invisible or disappear altogether. You can also make healthy diet choices to help reduce under-eye bags.

Avoid salt, alcohol and caffeine. These food substances can cause or exaggerate existing eye circles. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Apply a second coating of moisturizer under the eyes. Apply foundation over the face as normal. Apply a thin coating of a shimmer cream under the eye.

Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Use a yellow-based concealer for light skin and orange-based for dark skin.

Dip the tip of a concealer brush into the concealer. Apply under the eyes by dabbing the brush under the eye. Do not rub or stroke the brush. Use patting motions only to blend in the concealer until the line between the concealer and the foundation disappears.

Brush a small amount of translucent pressed powder under the eyes to set the concealer.

Inspect the makeup application in daylight. Blend in any obvious areas with the tip of your ring finger.

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