Measuring correctly is one of the most essential parts of cooking. Two common measurements used in cooking are ounces and cups. An ounce is a relatively small measurement that equals 1/8 cup. Therefore, one cup is the equivalent of 8 oz. You may need to convert between ounces and cups for certain recipes. For example, if you have a recipe that gives a quantity in ounces, and you only have a measuring cup that measures in cup fractions, you will need to be able to calculate an equivalent.

Things You'll Need

Ounces to Cups

Type in the number of ounces on your calculator.

Press the “divide” (/) key.

Type in the number “8” and press the “equal sign.”

Read the answer. For instance, if you had 4 oz., you would press “4,” “/,” “8” and “=,” which would give you the answer 0.5 cups.

Cups to Ounces

Type the number of cups on your calculator.

Press the “times” key (* or x).

Type in the number “8,” followed by the equal sign (=).

View your answer. For example, if you had 2 cups, you would press, “2,” “x,” “8” and “=,” which would give you an answer of 16 oz.