How to Buy Retsina Wine

By LeafTV Editor

How to Buy Retsina Wine. Retsina is the resinated Greek wine that seems to separate people into either a "love it" or "hate it" category. Buying retsina is a good way to acquire the peculiar but sensuous taste of the Mediterranean staple drink. Follow these steps to select and buy some retsina wine to open your palate to a Greek gourmet tradition.

Step 1

Start with Boutari Retsina. Boutari Retsina is one of the best known retsina brands. The Boutari combines the pure retsina with a smoothing white varietal to make the drink more familiar and drinkable to the pallets of unexperienced retsina drinkers. Additionally, you can buy Boutari Retsina for just a few dollars, making the investment very low risk.

Step 2

Try a Robin Garr recommendation. Robin Garr is one of the biggest names (some would say the biggest "noses") in wine tasting and evaluation. Garr wrote a piece on an inexpensive bottle of retsina, Achaia Clauss non-vintage Retsina Appellation Traditionelle, and subsequently upgraded retsina from a mere drink to a bona fide wine. Follow Garr's suggestion with the Achaia Clauss to buy a well vouched-for bottle of retsina.

Step 3

Buy retsina by the case. If you find a bottle of retsina you like, you should pick up a case of the wine. Retsina is sufficiently inexpensive and keeps well enough to warrant buying the wine in large quantities. This way, you can crack open a bottle without worrying about it whenever you feel like enjoying a gyro or watching "Zorba the Greek."

Step 4

Join a Greek wine club. A Greek wine club is sure to include a bottle or two of retsina every few weeks. By buying wine from a wine club such as you'll be getting hand-picked selections of retsina along with some of the other wines that form the base for many retsina varieties. So, sign up for a good Greek wine club to buy some quality retsina.