Just when you’ve finally found an eyeshadow or lipstick product that seems perfect for you — in the ideal color, texture or type — it never fails that your cosmetic favorite is discontinued by the manufacturer. Fortunately, most of the time when this happens you can purchase the product online, in discount and second-hand shops and at garage sales, although you will have to be careful to buy sealed, unexpired products.

Check local stores for your discontinued cosmetic products first. They may be in the clearance or liquidation areas, but many times stores continue to sell a discontinued product until it’s gone.

Check T.J. Maxx-style stores that carry discards, overstocks and out-of-season stock from large department stores. They may carry your discontinued cosmetics and even sell them at a discounted price.

Scope out second-hand and thrift stores such as Salvation Army and Goodwill. Sometimes this type of store receives unopened, brand-new products from department stores when reduced price merchandise doesn’t sell.

Scan local newspapers for garage sales advertising makeup. You might luck out and find your discontinued cosmetics untouched in somebody’s makeup stockpile for pennies on the dollar.

Go to the manufacturer’s official website. Some retailers and manufacturers sell discontinued products directly to the consumer. If you can’t find any information on the website, call the company’s information number and inquire about where they recommend acquiring the discontinued product.

Search online retailers such as eBay, Amazon and Overstock, but make sure to purchase unopened and unexpired items.

Search websites such as Discount Makeup, BuyMeBeauty, Beauty Encounter, Vermont Country Store and Three Custom that specialize in finding and recreating discontinued cosmetics.