Stay on top of hair trends by doing the bang bump. This chic and attractive hairstyle takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish, but offers an all-day look. The bump can be formed on bangs that have at least 3 inches of hair to pull back — anything shorter won’t stay properly without excessive use of hairspray. The bump can be formed one of three ways: front, left side and right side. Regardless of which direction the bump goes, the steps to achieve a bang bump are the same.

Things You'll Need

Brush your bangs forward to determine if you have enough hair. The hair should be free of tangles and knots.

Gather your bangs in one hand and gently pull upward.

Use your opposite hand to back-tease the bangs around the root area. To back-tease take your fine tooth comb, and gently tease the back roots of your bangs down so it gives the roots a ratty appearence.

Keep your hand still on the bangs and gently pull them back toward the crown of your head. Use your hand to push your hair forward to create as large of bump as you want with your bangs.

Secure the hair with mini jaw clips or bobbypins. Use the comb to carefully smooth any stray bangs back and spray with hairspray.


  • Apply hairspray to the roots before pulling back toward the crown for added height.

  • Pull hair to the left or right and secure for a side bump.