Margarita machines can cost $200 to rent for just one party, but with a little do-it-yourself effort, you can have your own frozen drink machine for less than $150, (Reference #2). A five-gallon cooler, some PVC pipe and a three-quarter horse-power garbage disposal can mix up your fruity, tasty adult beverages at your next barbecue or party. If you can install a garbage disposal in your house, you have all the skills necessary to complete this project.

Things You'll Need

Measure the size hole you need in the bottom of your cooler for the garbage disposal flange. Use a cutout bit (the big circle cutter) that is exactly the size you need or just smaller. Cut the hole in the bottom of the cooler.

Dry fit the disposal and flange in the hole. If the insulation of the cooler makes the thickness too much for the disposal use a screwdriver or knife to carve out the insulation between the plastic. Use silicon adhesive to secure the pieces together.

Measure your PVC pipe connections from the bottom of the garbage disposal to where you wish to dispense the beverage. Cut and dry-fit all of the pipes together with the cutoff valve just before the serving spout. Glue all the pieces together with PVC glue.

Attach the pipe to the bottom of the disposal with the silicon adhesive. Drill through the bottom of the cooler into the wooden TV dinner stand. Slide the bolts through the bottom of the cooler and through the stand. Apply silicon adhesive to the underside of the bolt-head before putting on the nuts and tightening them down. Allow everything to dry completely.

Wire the garbage disposal to the light-switch. Mount the light-switch to the wooden TV dinner stand in a convenient location. The whole thing can be plugged in with an extension cord. Add your ingredients and ice in the top, close the lid and flip the switch to mix it all up. Dispense out the nozzle and enjoy.