Everybody loves a pedicure, and the manicure-pedicure business is relatively simple for the new entrepreneur. However, your customers and the local health department expect you to provide more than a seat in the living room recliner. Customers want a spa experience, and health officials want a sanitary environment. You want satisfied clients and a back that won’t ache after a long, profitable workday. Here is a plan for a foot spa chair that doesn’t require plumbing installation.

Things You'll Need

Contact state and local health departments for license and inspection requirements for pedicure salons. Keep any sanitation requirements in mind when constructing your foot spa chair.

Purchase a comfortable reclining chair. Choose a chair with vinyl upholstery that is easy to clean and sanitize. You can also use an adjustable office chair that has washable fabric on the seat and back. If the chair has wheels, they must lock.

Calculate the height and width for the chair platform. The platform should be longer than it is wide to accommodate your foot spa, but not be so long that you cannot reach your client. Allow for at least a foot on either side of the chair for stability and access.

Construct the platform frame using four 2x4s that you have measured and cut to your desired size. Nail together making sure edges are square.

Cut and measure additional pieces of 2×4 to cover the surface of the platform, and secure to the frame with nails. Unsupported plywood will not be strong enough to support the weight of the chair.

Measure and cut wooden molding to fit around the top edge of the platform if you want to add an attractive frame for your linoleum. Attach the molding flush to the edge of the platform using wood glue and nails.

Cover the surface of the platform with peel-and-stick linoleum tiles. This will provide a waterproof surface that can be easily sanitized. Cut tiles to fit using a straight edge and razor knife.

Place your platform in the desired location, and position the chair on top of it. Leave room at one end for the foot spa. If the chair has wheels, make sure they are locked.

Purchase a spa-style foot bath and place it at one end of the platform. Clients should be able to rest their feet in the foot spa when they are seated or reclining, and you should be able to work on the feet without back strain.


  • •Visit several area nail salons to get a feel for the arrangement and chair height that will best suit you.

  • •Carefully research foot spas before buying. Look for ease of use and cleaning. Choose a foot spa that has positive customer reviews.

  • •Since your foot bath will not be attached to plumbing, consider how you will empty and refill it between clients.