Beef brisket is regarded as one of the lowest cuts of meat from a cow, often relegated to stews and soups. However, it also is one of the most flavorful cuts. Brining it to create corned beef is one way ofto highlight its flavor and preserve the meat. Whether celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or just desiring a taste of Ireland, creating your own corned beef brisket is simple to do at home, as long as you make the correct brine.

Things You'll Need

Mix the cold water, salt, black pepper, white sugar, minced garlic, bay leaves in the large bowl. Stir thoroughly to incorporate.

Combine the saltpeter and the hot water in the small bowl. Mix until the saltpeter dissolves completely.

Mix the saltpeter and water mixture into the ingredients in the larger bowl. Combine thoroughly.

Place the beef brisket in the larger bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator.

Turn the brisket over in the bowl once a day to allow the watery mixture to penetrate through both sides. Continue this for two weeks.

Remove the brisket and drain it. Boil it in hot water, covering the meat, for one hour. Use the brisket as you desire in recipes and dishes.