If you lead a busy life, tired looking eyes come with the territory. Whether it’s lack of sleep, stress, a poor diet or heredity, many factors cause that droopy, dark look. Luckily, brightening eyes up doesn’t take a lot of work.

Apply cool green tea bags over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Other natural remedies for tired eyes include placing black tea bags, cotton balls soaked in cold milk or cucumber slices over your eyes. These home remedies reduce puffiness and that bloodshot look.

Splash cold water on your eyes. Continue to do this throughout the day to perk up your eyes and your complexion.

Illuminate the eyes with white or neutral shadow. Brush some lightly below the brow bone, then swipe some on each side of the nose next to the eyelid. It’ll make the eyes seem wider and take focus away from a droopy or dark under eye area.

Draw a thin line under your lower lashes with white eye pencil. The white shade will instantly give tired eyes a lift.

Line upper eyelids with a brown pencil. Apply brown or brown-black mascara to bring focus to lashes and eye color.

Brush on a brightener or under eye concealer to mask tired eyes. Liquid applicators and pens blend well on the delicate under eye area. Use yellow concealer to cover dark circles.


  • Use a brush to apply concealer or makeup under lower eyelashes.