Tired of attempting complicated “smoky eyes” makeup routines or wondering why you still feel too made-up in eye makeup? You don’t need layers of shadow or the skills of a professional makeup artist to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Try this easy routine.

Things You'll Need

Begin with clean skin and makeup-free eyes. Using one hand to raise eyelid, apply eyeliner to upper lash line, approaching from under the lashes. Although it may tickle at first, it looks more natural than applying on top of lash line – you don’t end up with a thick, uneven, smudgy line. Have a Q-tip handy to wipe off excess liner than ends up on the rim of your eyelid.

Using the champagne eyeliner, do the same process to your bottom lash line. This makes eyes look more open and less tired. If you can’t live without regular liner on the bottom lash line, apply a bit to the outer half.

Curl eyelashes, progressing toward tips of lashes, holding curler gently for a couple of seconds at each step. Apply mascara as usual.

For an added pop, or if your eyes still feel too naked, brush a light coat of a shimmery neutral shadow (white, beige, pink) on lids.


  • Q-tips can fix anything.

  • Sometimes I add just a bit of shadow near the inner corner of my eyes and under my lower lash line for a bit of extra brightening.

  • Adjust the routine for your own eyes. We all have uniquely shaped eyes, so don’t be afraid to play around and find your own eye-enhancing secrets!