During the warmer months, makeup gets lighter and colors become more vibrant. One way to brighten up the entire face is to lighten up eyelids and add some shimmer. Instead of looking tired and dull, you can use a few cosmetics found in most makeup bags to lighten up the area, mask any dark circles under the eyes and enhance the overall look for a perky and fresh face.

Things You'll Need

Cover up dark circles and redness around the eyes with a yellow concealer. Dab the concealer onto your ring finger and pat around the upper and lower eye.

Cover the upper lid with an eye primer. The primer will mask any additional redness and provide a smooth surface for shadow to adhere to. Adding a primer will also reducing creasing with the shadow later in the day.

Brighten up eyes by lining the rim of the lower eye with a white eyeliner.

Dust the top lid with a brightening shimmer powder in colors like rose, gold or cream with a medium eyeshadow brush. Apply color from the lash line and extend to the crease only. Dust a white shimmer powder directly under the arch in the eyebrow for subtle brightening.

Dust the white shimmer powder into the corner of the eye, directly above the tear duct. This will enhance light, brightening up the entire area.

Finish off the look by sweeping the lashes with a brown mascara. Brown is softer than black, keeping the eyes looking open and fresh. Use only one coat to keep eyelashes from looking too heavy against shimmer shadow.