A blister might not seem so bad when you buy those adorable pumps, but when you first wear them, it can seem like the worst thing in the world. Hard, uncomfortable shoes can cut your feet, make them swell and cause those unsightly and painful blisters you dread. After a long day of suffering, you'll want to throw those cute shoes in the garbage instead of your closet. The next time you're having trouble breaking in a new pair of shoes, you won't be so ill-prepared. Turn hard and painful shoes into flexible and comfortable ones.

Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray the inside of your shoes. This will allow the shoe material to stretch out, but only if your feet are in them. While the rubbing alcohol is drying, put on a pair of socks and wear your shoes around the room. Make sure to walk, jump and stretch in your new shoes to get them as soft and loosened as possible.

If you are still experiencing foot trouble, purchase some shoe stretchers. You can put shoe stretchers in your shoes overnight and the next day they should be softer and more pliable. Shoe stretchers are made for shoes made from leather material, so they may not work on synthetic shoes.

Buy pads or cushions to place inside your shoes. Determine where the pain is coming from. If you have redness, blisters or cuts on your heels, chances are the shoe is a little too large and is rubbing against your heel when you walk. You will need to purchase some heel cushions in order to stop the shoe from rubbing.

If you are experiencing pain or callouses on the bottom of your feet from your shoes, you probably own a shoe that has insufficient insoles. Purchase new insoles for your shoes at any local drugstore. The gel insoles may feel more comfortable, but tend to slip if your feet perspire.

Wear your shoes as much as possible, but always bring flip-flops when you are trying to break in new shoes. Raw, sore feet after a long night can be avoided so be sure to bring flip-flops to keep your tootsies pain-free.

If you are still experiencing foot pain, there is a chance that the shoe is simply not your size. Try reselling the shoes on eBay and better luck next time.