Brazilian barbecue, or churrasco, is a distinctive style of grilling that is popular in Latin America. Churrasco meat first became popular among Brazilian cowboys, called gauchos, but has since spread all over Brazil and the world. Special Brazilian-style barbecue restaurants have opened in many major American cities. At these restaurants, waiters move around the floor carrying different cuts of meat and slice meat onto your plate by request. Brazilian barbecue restaurants can be expensive, but it is easy to make churrasco-style meats at home.

Things You'll Need

Marinate all white meats overnight. Red meats are generally not marinated. The traditional marinade for Brazilian barbecued chicken and pork is comprised of lime juice, minced garlic, and salt.

Season all of the meats, poultry and pork that you will be grilling with ample sea salt.

Turn on your grill and wait for it to heat up. Thread the meats onto the rotisserie spit. When the grill has heated up, place the spit over the grill. Place a drip pan under the spit to catch any dripping juices.

Cook the meat until an inserted meat thermometer reaches the internal cooking temperature that you desire. See the Resources section for a chart of recommended cooking temperatures. Remove from the spit and allow it to cool on a cutting board for at least fifteen minutes. Slice the meat thinly and evenly.

Serve the meat with a traditional chimmichuri sauce. Chimmichuri is a spice rub that is made primarily of mint, parsley, cilantro and fresh garlic.