Alter outdated and oversized shirts to create a new, more fashionable look. Braid the side of a shirt using a knot technique to make it fit snugly around your body as well as give the shirt an eye-catching appearance. The knots also reveal a bit more skin, changing a baggy, outdated T-shirt into something to be worn during a night out on the town.

Things You'll Need

Cut up both sides of the shirt along the seam with the scissors, starting at the bottom and working your way all the way to the armpit. If the shirt has sleeves, cut them off to create a tank top. The shirt is now completely open on the sides, hinged only on the shoulders and neck area.

Create horizontal slits in the shirt up both sides of the now open seams. Using your ruler, make the slits you cut about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Tie each flap of fabric to the one directly across from it. You’ll end up with a series of simple knots all the way down the side of the shirt. If the shirt was exceptionally large on you, make longer slits as needed, tie the knots and cut off the excess.

Crisscross the flaps of fabric for a different look. Instead of tying to the piece directly across, tie to the piece diagonally across. You’ll end up with “X”-shaped fabric knots running down the side of the shirt, achieving more of a braided look.

Complete the look by cutting all the way through the shoulder seam, from the neck to the point of the shoulder. Reattach the front and back of the shirt by tying a knot that will sit right on top of your shoulders.