The milkmaid braid is the simplest of braid hairstyles. It’s a practical braid to wear, almost as convenient as a ponytail, but with a lot more style. You can learn how to braid a milkmaid braid.

Things You'll Need

Untangle the hair and split into two sections. You may secure the top of the braid with an elastic ponytail holder, but it isn’t necessary.

Work a braid into a section of hair. Hold the hair to the opposite side while you’re braiding, so it will lie flat when it’s wrapped.

Repeat this process on the opposite side of the head, making a second hair braid.

Wrap each braid around the head, crossing over the back center part.

Tuck the ends of the braids in underneath themselves, so the elastic bands don’t show. You might want to secure the braids with a bobby pin underneath the braid.


  • Use a side part and a French or Dutch braid for a variation that works well on shorter hair or to hide bangs.