Showing off a little cleavage — or décolletage, the top-of-the-breast cleavage visible when a woman wears a low-cut top — is rarely out of fashion. There are many bras out there designed to create a desirable “lifted” look, as well as snug-fitting bodices, bustiers and natural-looking silicone-gel inserts. If your closet is lacking all of these and you need a boost, try a couple of do-it-yourself tricks.

Things You'll Need

Cut fabric into four half-moon shapes about 4 inches across to make bra insert pads. Sew around the edges with a needle and thread or a sewing machine, leaving a 2-inch opening. Fill with batting or cotton and sew shut.

Put on a well-fitting bra. Tuck the pads into the bra cup underneath each breast, so that each pad is positioned to make a “U” shape. Adjust while looking in the mirror.

Adjust the bra straps so that they are as short as possible. Hold the straps and tug upward; if more lift is possible, pin the strap on each side with a safety pin, making sure the pins won’t be visible when wearing the top.