Blanching corn in the microwave allows it to be frozen and quickly cooked later in the year when corn may not be available in your area. Blanching corn in the microwave is not recommended for very large quantities of corn at one time, though smaller batches no larger than 4 cups can be cooked and stored in individual freezer bags as desired, each labeled with the specific date when it was blanched.

Things You'll Need

Place the corn in a microwave-safe glass or ceramic container large enough to hold the corn without sticking up over the top of the container.

Add enough cold clean water to fully cover the corn by 1 inch. Cover the top of the container with microwave-safe plastic wrap.

Microwave the corn at a setting equivalent to 500 to 700 watts of power for seven minutes.

Take the corn out of the microwave and drain it in a colander in the sink. Transfer the corn to a large mixing bowl full of ice water and allow it to rest for two minutes. Drain the corn in the colander again, allowing it to rest for five minutes.

Place the corn in a freezer bag and push any excess air out of the bag. Seal and label the bag with a permanent marker before putting it in the freezer.


  • Many new microwaves have 1,000-watt maximum power, but blanching should be performed at 500 to 700 watts for best results.