Sparkles on clothing add a bit of flair and uniqueness to any wardrobe. One way of adding a little sizzle to any piece is to place jewels, gems and rhinestones onto the clothing in various designs. Bejeweling clothing in this manner is not difficult and even a novice crafter has the ability to create custom clothing designs in a short period of time. Jewels and rhinestones look attractive applied to solid color clothing and strategically placed on patterned clothing as well.

Things You'll Need

Lay the clothing item on a flat surface with the part that will be bejeweled facing upward. You can attach rhinestones to any clothing material desired including cotton, leather, silk, vinyl and plastic.

Decide on a design or location for the gems and rhinestones. Gems and rhinestones can be placed alone on clothing to create a design, or they can be placed on top of other designs that are already on the fabric. For example, if the clothing item contains an animal head or skull, the eyes are a good location for the gems. If applying gems to a solid clothing item, try placing them around the neckline.

Place a drop of fabric glue onto the fabric where you wish to place the rhinestone or jewel. Make the drop of glue large enough that it will spread out under the rhinestone and come up slightly onto the outer edge when it is pushed into place. Do not over apply the glue, as it is hard to remove cleanly.

Place the jewels and rhinestones on the work surface so that the jewel side is facing upward. Press the sticky end of a jewel applicator stick gently on top of one of the jewels until it sticks. Do not press down too hard on the jewel, as it will be difficult to remove from the applicator later.

Move the applicator stick over the clothing item and lower the jewel onto the drop of fabric glue. Press down until you see the glue ooze out slightly from under the jewel. Lift up on the applicator stick to remove it from the jewel. If the applicator stick is stuck to the jewel, gently place a fingertip on the jewel to hold it in place while removing the applicator stick.

Continue applying drops of fabric glue and jewels until the desired effect is achieved.