Being girly is loving all things about being a girl, from nail polish and perfume to dressing up just to feel pretty. More than just outward things, it’s a state of mind. Embrace your inner girlyness and celebrate it for all that it is.

Plan a girl’s night out with your friends. Go and get facials or visit a nail salon together. Be silly and just have fun with each other. Or invite them to your home for a sleepover. Give each other a makeover, watch chick flicks, eat junk food and drink whatever beverages you like.

Decorate some rooms of your home in shades of pink, and have plenty of pink in your wardrobe. Accessorize with all things pink whenever you can. It’s the ultimate girly color.

Dress in a more girly way by wearing skirts or dresses, heels and girly accessories like dangly earrings and bracelets. Pants can also be girly if they aren’t baggy and fit nicely. Add a stylish handbag and you’re set to go.

Add makeup to your morning routine if you don’t usually wear makeup. The right makeup actually protects your skin from dryness and too much sun. It’ll make you feel prettier and you’ll be able to look girly far into the future by protecting your skin now. It doesn’t take much, just some moisturizing foundation with SPF, a little blush, mascara and lipstick is all you need.

Have your hair cut and styled regularly, and if you feel daring, have it colored too. Don’t leave the house without doing something to your hair, even if it’s just pulled back into a ponytail. With the right accessories, this look can be girly too.

Remember that the most important aspect of being girly is your attitude. Think girly and it’ll come out in your personality too.

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