Baldness can be sexy. Plenty of bald athletes, actors, musicians, powerful businessmen and other public figures are considered sex symbols. The reason isn’t hard to figure out; once people lose one trait, they feel compelled to develop others. Women say, “He may be bald, but he’s bald and interesting.” Going bald can also call attention to other physical features that might have been overshadowed by hair, like piercing eyes or a strong jaw line.

Accept it. Don’t comb over strands of thinning hair to conceal the obvious. Keep your hair cut as low as possible to camouflage your bald pattern. If its your first time attempting a close shave, go to a professional who can keep you from getting hair bumps.

Accept your feelings about it. Announce that you’re not going to let feeling bad about losing your hair rob you of happiness. Know that happiness is your birthright, regardless of your circumstances.

Wear your head with confidence. Remember that how you feel on the inside will show up in how you look on the outside. Feeling unattractive and insecure can make people self-depreciating, sullen, nervous, uncooperative or over compensating in some way. Find ways to feel good about yourself and your new look. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Give yourself compliments throughout the day. Post pictures throughout your home of bald people you find attractive.

Decorate your head. Seize this opportunity to become a hat person. Wear wigs or toupees if you want to; now that you’re bald you can change your hair style, length and color every day. Get temporary tattoos on your head, wear various scarves and earrings, buy different kinds of glasses. Make your head a body part that you have accessorizing.

Make your body healthy. Work out. Appreciating your fit form in the mirror will make you feel attractive, no matter what’s going on with your head. Eat a balanced diet; you’ll feel better mentally, physically and emotionally. Drink lots of water.

Develop your personality. Do you want to learn horseback riding? Spanish? The art of French cuisine? Do it. Travel. Dance. Explore your interests. Become fascinating, with lots of stories to tell. Become attractive in the literal sense; notice how people flock to you because of your amazing life.

Love. Realize that the way people feel about you needn’t affect the way you feel about them. Love people because it makes you feel good. Remember that happiness is attractive.