Contemporary rockabilly aesthetics, based on specific dress, hair and makeup styles, emulate looks popular in the 1950s and give them a modern twist. The look is associated with classic car culture, and women and girls often model their appearance after ‘50s pinups. A specific genre of music is also associated with rockabilly, making it a rich subculture that constitutes a lifestyle for many.

Things You'll Need

Familiarize yourself with rockabilly music, which combines rock ‘n’ roll style with country. Many bands of the genre exist in most cities and can often be found playing at car shows or rockabilly festivals. Well-known groups include Tiger Army, Reverend Horton Heat, and the Cramps.

Obtain a rockabilly haircut with short, thick bangs cut in a blunt line straight across the forehead. Keep the rest of your hair long and wear it out or tie it up in a bandana. Create a bouffant by pulling a tuft of hair backwards from the crown and clipping it in place.

Use rockabilly makeup tricks such as bright-red lipstick and thick, dark eyeliner. Girls often paint wings at the outer corner of each eye when lining their upper lids. These techniques provide a retro look, adding a dramatic flair to classic 1950s makeup.

Wear rockabilly clothing and accessories. Many girls wear pencil skirts or ’50s-style dresses with tight bodices, thick waistbands and flared skirts. Fabric prints are often polka dots or other retro patterns. Mary Janes are common shoes in rockabilly culture and accessories include purses decorated with skulls, as well as large hair clips and bandanas.