There is no right or wrong way to be a punk rock girl. Punk has always been more about doing your own thing than conforming to a fad or whatever is popular. Emo and Goth both evolved, or devolved if you want to look at it that way, from punk. It’s about finding your own thing and doing it despite not being like everyone else. Despite this, there are a number of fashion accessories and hair styles that are traditionally considered punk rock.

Things You'll Need

Punk Clothing Basics

Purchase designer punk clothing. This isn’t really something you have to do, but it’s something you can do. A number of clothing manufacturers have built their brand on catering to the alternative crowds.

Convert things that are already in your closet for a punk look. This is where those ripped leggings that you were going to throw out get a new lease on life. Things that can easily be converted to punk include jeans, especially if they are ripped and/or faded, denim skirts, combat boots, canvas hi-tops, fingerless gloves, studded belts, fishnets, old T-shirts, tank tops, miniskirts and anything with a tartan print. With a little creativity, you can turn just about anything in your closet into something punk.

Create your own look. Slash up some T-shirts to wear over tank tops with a denim skirt you cut down and left the seam unfinished. Add ripped leggings and combat boots. Finish the look with a studded belt and fingerless gloves. Have fun experimenting and finding a look that works for you.

Hair Options

Take a picture of a hairstyle that you like to a stylist if you are looking to cut your hair to get the style you want. Mohawks are probably the most traditional punk hairstyle, and they just aren’t for guys. Anything asymmetrical or spiked can be considered punk.

Convert the hairstyle you have now by using clip-in hair, commonly called glam strips, that come in a wide range of colors and lengths.

Add semipermanent streaks or dye all your hair a color like purple, blue, pink or green. There are a number of companies that make semipermanent hair dye and bleach if you want to do it yourself.

To get the most out of your hair dye, you will want to bleach your hair first no matter how light it is. Removing the natural color is the key to getting other colors to stay in more than a couple days.


Punk makeup is anything but understated, especially where the eyes are concerned. Black eyeliner is a must along with bold colors.

Paint your nails black. It’s a staple of punk fashion. If you get tired of black, you can always get nail polish in blue, green or purple or some other color to match what you are wearing that day.

Use darker colored lipstick colors. Black lipstick isn’t just for Goths. Punks started that trend. Even if you don’t wear lipstick a lot, you should have some dark purples and deep reds in your makeup case for when the mood strikes. Pastel pinks are not going to cut it.

Get pierced or tattooed. It goes with the look. This is, of course, optional. While piercings can be easily removed, tattoos are permanent.